VIP2phone Virtual Phone Numbers are actually real phone numbers with smart and flexible features. Your incoming calls can be delivered instantaneously to one or several existing phones. You may choose to route calls to a landline, mobile, fax line, PBX, or any combination of these. Call-waiting and any other features available on your local phone will still be available with your virtual numbers.

Your virtual number can be a local number or a toll-free number, so no matter where you are located, your can be reached at home, on your mobile phone, even abroad. When someone dials your Virtual Numbers, your pre-assigned phones will ring. It couldn't be easier to stay in touch.


○    Low price, no contracts or startup fees

○    Scalable to any amount of phone numbers

○    Real-time provisioning (instantly available)

○    Dynamic call routing

○    Downloadable reports for each number

○    Call tracking and call recording