PICALLEX provides a Web-based Lead and Sales Management Hosted Software to businesses that seek to improve their sales organization and increase profitability.

PICALLEX is flexible enough to accommodate the unique work-flow and needs of any sales organization in any industry. And, we understand the unique landscape of the consumer lead generation market and specialize in helping companies increase ROI from leads that are generated online.

Sell more effectively with better sales tracking and real-time visibility. With PICALLEX, every step of a sale is tracked in one place, so reps stay on top of deals and build stronger relationships with their customers. And with real-time analytics, you can make smarter business decisions and get higher close rates.

The average company converts less than 1% of the leads they generate. Despite the time, effort and cost of marketing, companies that don't use a proper sales lead CRM or lead management solution end up wasting roughly 95% of the leads that they acquire and usually don't even know it.


○    Lead and Sales Management

○    Distribution and Routing Leads

○    Qualification & Follow-Up

○    Intelligent Dialer

○    Reports & Analytics

○    Shipping and Fulfillment Integration

○    Lead Source Integration

○    Integrated Cloud Telephony

○    Advertising Campaigns Tracking


○    Reduce infrastructure costs

○    Track ROI easier

○    Increase sales leads & revenue

○    Access call analytics anytime