VIP2Phone Auto Dialer quickly record a message and upload your phone list, schedule a time & date for your message to go out, and VIP2phone will place thousands of calls to your clients & customers at high speeds calls-per-minute (Increased speeds available on-live). You can even include a transfer press 1 option for instant connections to hot leads.

VIP2Phone Auto Dialer will connect your sales agents to live leads. VIP2Phone can call multiple phone lines per agent and will leave answering machine messages so your agents don't have to. VIP2Phone saves time by weeding out busy signals, bad phone numbers, and handling answering machines. Agents focus on speaking with live customers, leading to 30% increases in efficiency over manual dialing.


○    Low price, no contracts or startup fees

○    Scalable to hundreds of agents

○    Real-time reporting and analytics

○    Agent barge and listen-in monitoring

○    Optional call recording (included)

○    Multi-line autodialer

○    Answering machine detection

○    Agent prompt creation

○    DTMF passthrough

○    CRM Integration Support